Burger King

Client Stories

Objective: To provide customers with information about Burger King’s products and locations to to build awareness of the latest fast food joint.

Campaign Design: The social media campaign’s goal was to craft a brand identity of Burger King Pakistan where Taste is King and to highlight what makes a Burger King burger truly unique. To craft this identity we launched and organically grew a Facebook page. Burger King’s brand identity internationally is that they have one of the biggest, tastiest burgers 'with a flame-grilled patty'. We highlighted this in the content we created. In addition, we stayed in line with Burger King’s sharp wit and quirky style of communication consistent with its international brand image but also in line with the local culture. 

Content Types:

  • Status updates
  • Products Posters
  • Short Animated Videos
  • Memes

Content Bank and Calendar: We provided the client with a communications calendar which highlighted the schedule as pooled in from the content bank. Every piece of content was designed in a manner that would help foster an engaged community from which people became advocates for Burger King.

Campaign Content: Since our primary objective is to create awareness around the Burger King products available, the content we create will keep that as a focus. One way that we will differentiate ourselves in our social media campaign is by creating short simple animated videos that will provide product information about Burger King.

The first series of animations we will create is called, “the Anatomy of the perfect Burger.” In this we will have a tantalizing image of BK Burgers and highlight the various components of it by zooming in and having a label pop up on them, similar to what one sees in anatomy drawings. We would also compliment this with a fast paced humorous voice over explaining the product. Through this series we will be able to create content that is engaging and will increase the BK brand, but more importantly provide customers with more information about BKs product line.

The second series of animations we will create is a series called, “Is it better flamed”. This will be a game show type video where the goal of the audience will be to assess whether the object is better off in flames. For example, we will showcase an image of a house in a video and pose the question, “is this better flamed?” Obviously the answer will be no. Then we will show them an image of a candle and ask “is this better flamed?” Obviously the answer will be yes. Finally we will show them a picture of a burger patty and ask them, “is this better flamed?” Obviously the answer will be yes. Then we will go on to highlight the benefits of flame grilling your burger and why BK Burgers are superior.

To complement our animations we will create memes and photos that are relevant to the local market. We will design images to highlight the products available at Burger King. Through this content we will be creating engaging content that will foster a dynamic community.

Proposed Content for Campaign: Over the course of 4 months we created the following content for Burger King’s campaign.

  • 4 Animated Videos on “the Anatomy of the perfect burger” (20 seconds each)
  • 2 Animated Videos on “Is it better flamed?” (30 seconds each)
  • 32 graphic designed posters
  • 120 meaningful status updates to engage with users